Make It Personal: How To Plan A Funeral That Celebrates Your Loved One's Life

Losing a loved one is an emotional experience. You want their funeral to honor their memory. But, you also want their funeral to celebrate their life. You might think you need to stick to the traditional funeral format, but that's not the case. You can create a personalized funeral service for your loved one. In fact, most funeral homes will help you create a personalized funeral service. Not sure how to plan a funeral that honors your loved one's memory, and celebrates their life? If not, read the list below. Here are three tips that will help you plan a fitting send-off for your loved one. 

Keep the Ceremony Personal

If you want to plan a memorable funeral for your loved one, focus on the personal side. One way to do that is to add personal touches throughout the service. Start with a theme that speaks to your loved one's personal interests and tastes. Choose readings from your loved one's favorite author. Or, show clips of your loved one's favorite movies or television shows. You can also play music from your loved one's favorite musicians. These are all ways to personalize your loved one's funeral services. 

Invite Group Participation

If you want to personalize your loved one's funeral, now's the time to invite group participation. One way to invite group participation is to create a theme for the funeral. If your loved one had a favorite hobby, have friends and family members bring items that represent that hobby. If your loved one enjoyed wearing outlandish shirts, invite guests to wear those types of shirts to the funeral. You can also invite friends and family to wear your loved one's favorite brand of shoes to the funeral. These are all ways to remember your loved one in a personalized way. 

Include a Memory Table

If you're looking for a special way to personalize your loved one's funeral service, be sure to include a memory table. Friends and family will want to share in the memories you have of your loved one. The memory table can include cherished keepsakes and special photographs. It can also include awards and accomplishments your loved one was proud of. You can also invite friends and family members to add their own mementos to the memory table. They might have memories that they could share with you. 

Funeral services don't need to be formal. They can be relaxed and personal too. Use the tips provided here to give your loved one a loving and personal service.   

For more info about funeral planning, contact a local company.