How Can You Host a Good Funeral?

As the host of a funeral, you may be wondering how you can make the experience positive for everyone who attends. Here are some planning tips for arranging a good funeral. 

Make it a Team Effort

One thing that you can do to set the mood right away is to make it a collaborative effort to plan the funeral. Although you may be the main planner, you can ask for help from friends and relatives and anyone else who would like a part in the funeral. This can help others to feel more connected to the event, and it will also take some of the work off of your plate. 

There are things that you can do to give people varying levels of responsibility. You may want to maintain control of the most important logistical details, such as the type of burial (cremation vs. embalming and burial) and the transportation details. But you can pass off smaller tasks to responsible individuals, such as picking out decorations or setting a playlist for the event. Other people may only be responsible for a job during the funeral ceremony itself, such as ushering guests to the correct locations or greeting people as they enter the funeral home

Plan and Communicate the Details

Another thing that's necessary for a smooth funeral is a great plan that's known by all of your guests. Plan out the general times of different events and print them in a program to hand out to everyone. You may also want to put other details in the program such as addresses, contact information, and etiquette and behavior expectations. 

Work Closely with Your Funeral Director

Finally, working very closely with your funeral director can have great benefits for your ceremony. The funeral director may have many years of experience managing and attending funerals and so they'll know what ideas work well and which ones don't. They may be able to anticipate some situations that you won't if you don't have much experience with funerals. And your funeral director can also be on hand during the ceremony to make sure that your funeral is going as you intended it to go. By communicating frequently about your vision for the funeral, your funeral director will have a better idea of how to help and make sure there are no oversights. This way, you can relax in knowing that you've done a great job arranging the funeral.