Frequently Asked Questions About Pre-Need Funeral Contracts

It is not uncommon for people to plan their funerals ahead of time. There are actually a few reasons for this. For starters, advance planning gives you the assurance that everything is handled just the way you want it to be. Family members and friends do not have to make any decisions, and you know that you are getting exactly what you ask for. Do you have questions about the process? You are not alone. These answers may ease your concerns.

1. Can I pay for my funeral ahead of time?

Yes. You can arrange for all payment for your funeral services to be made early so that nobody receives a bill for the funeral home's service.

2. What types of services can I pre-plan?

Your pre-need contract may include a variety of services, such as a traditional funeral, memorial, burial, cremation, ash scattering, interment, and more. You can sit down with the funeral director to ensure that you make well-informed decisions.

3. Must I consult with an attorney when I draft a pre-need plan?

While you are not required to sit down with an attorney to discuss your plan, it is always a good idea to do this. This ensures that your family is informed of your wishes and that you have taken care of any legal matters pertaining to your estate ahead of time.

4. Can I make changes to my pre-need contract?

Yes. You are the only one who can alter the contract you make with the funeral home. Once you have paid for the service and left instructions, nobody can make changes. If your instructions are incomplete, unpaid for, or confusing, family members may be able to make the changes they wish for.

5. What are my options for paying for a pre-need service?

There are many ways with which people choose to fulfill their payments. Many people use life insurance designated for handling funeral arrangements. Others purchase funeral insurance or funeral trusts to cover the expenses. Of course, you can always use a savings account or bank-held trust.

The more you plan ahead of time, the more you will understand your own needs. You can always change your mind as time goes on, asking the funeral home to perform different kinds of tasks or to add another service. Ultimately, you may find that paying for your funeral ahead of time eases your mind, giving you freedom to enjoy life.