Environmentally Conscious? Why You Should Choose A Biodegradable Casket

If you're one of the many people who are becoming more environmentally aware, you may be adjusting your behavior so that you don't inflict unnecessary harm on the natural world. As your last act, you can choose a biodegradable casket as your final tribute to preserving nature and wildlife. Learning more about the benefits of biodegradable caskets can help you determine if it should be your choice for burial.

Biodegradable Caskets Replenish The Earth

One of the most compelling reasons why you should choose a biodegradable casket is because it helps to replenish the earth.  Choosing a casket made out of a material such as willow or bamboo means that it will break down much more quickly than its wooden or steel counterparts, all while returning nutrients to the soil.

In addition to being buried in a biodegradable casket, choosing a natural burial means that no embalming fluid or other synthetic products will be used on your remains.  This means that as your body is decomposing, you can avoid emitting harmful chemicals into the soil that could harm local wildlife or even make its way to the human water supply.  You'll be buried in such a way that there won't be any barriers standing in the way of nature working its magic to transform your remains back into the essential elements that it is made up of.  

Keep in mind that you also have the option of letting your remains become a tree.  If you go this route, your deceased body will be placed into a biodegradable pod that includes the seeds to form a tree.  As the decomposition process goes on, a tree will begin to sprout to serve as a natural marker of your final resting place.

Biodegradable Caskets May Be More Affordable

If cost is a concern for you, a biodegradable casket may be the answer that you've been looking for.  When compared to the costs accrued under more traditional burial conditions, biodegradable are typically more affordable.  This means that more of your estate can go toward your survivors and the causes that you care about.

Choosing a biodegradable casket is the perfect way for you to make a last decision to care for the environment when you're no longer here.  When you're making your final wishes, include burial in a biodegradable casket so you can enjoy these benefits and many more. For more information, talk to a professional like Lisa Scott Funeral Home.