5 Things You Can Do To Make The Funeral Service More Celebratory

If you are planning the funeral of a loved one, you may be wondering what you should and should not include in order to make the service as comfortable for the family as possible. Here are a few things that you can do to make a funeral service more celebratory:

Limit Expressions

Often, during a funeral service, friends or family members of the deceased person will make comments concerning the character and nature of the person who has died. It is always wise to ask those who are making the expressions to limit the length of their comments to two or three minutes.

Lengthy comments about the life of the deceased person can develop into bouts of emotional distress. Sometimes, the person commenting begins with a happy story but if he or she continues too long, the expressions may become sad and emotionally stressful for both the speaker and those listening.

Close the coffin before the start of the funeral.

Some people elect to allow a casket to remain open throughout the entire funeral service. Sometimes, this can be difficult for the loved ones of the deceased. During such a time of emotional sadness, it is often best to allow the casket to remain open during the processional but to have it closed immediately thereafter. The family can then focus on the celebratory words that are spoken during the service.

Display cheerful pictures of the deceased.

Instead of stoic pictures of the deceased in formal attire, it is sometimes a good idea to display family photos that show the person happily interacting with his or her loved ones. This can cause the family to reflect on happy times with the deceased instead of mourning throughout the entire service.

Play uplifting music.

Be sure to find uplifting music for the service if a musical selection will be rendered. Steering clear of mournful songs with slow melodies can help the family remain emotionally strong. Sad songs simply exacerbate the level of grief during the funeral. 

Honor the request of the deceased.

Even if the deceased had requests that you would consider unusual or eccentric concerning the funeral service, honor them. This will help the family remember reflect about the way that the deceased person was in life by filling the service with things that he or she would have desired.

If you are having trouble planning the details of a funeral service, schedule a consultation with a funeral director. He or she will likely have years of experience and should be able to help you make the final arrangements.

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