Three Reasons Burial At Sea May Be The Right Choice For You

Although many people never take the time to think about what will happen at their funerals, planning out yours in advance can be a rewarding experience that puts you in charge of the sequence of events. It can also be a great help to your family if you make your wishes known ahead of time so that they don't have to worry about it while they're grieving and wonder what you would have wanted. If you're planning a funeral in the United States, you likely only have three or four types of funeral available to you, and one of those types is burial at sea. Being buried at sea does take some planning and effort, but its unique benefits may cause you to decide that no other type of funeral will do. Here are three reasons a sea burial may be perfect for you.

1. Simplicity

If you've never wanted a huge spectacle at your funeral with hundreds of people in attendance and a viewing of your embalmed remains, the quiet farewell of burial at sea may suit your personality. No embalming is required for burial at sea as long as it's done promptly and situated off the coast in an area where local laws don't require embalming. Although many people do choose embalming, burial at sea is one of the options that allows you to avoid it if you prefer.

2. Environmental impact

Cremation has less environmental impact than traditional burial, and a burial at sea can be even more in tune with nature. The lack of embalming, simplicity of burial materials, and so on mean that you can become one with the elements in a way that both requires minimal fuss and allows a truly green burial experience. (If you want a similar experience on land, you may opt for a "natural" burial at a special "preserve" that hosts green burials.)

3. Symbolism and taste

You may have stumbled across the idea of a sea burial while you were researching eco-friendly burial options, or you may have come up with the idea on your own because of the lovely symbolism it provides. Sea burial offers the opportunity to rest in the wide ocean, near marine life, and to be rocked gently by waves and currents. 

These are just three of the reasons you may choose a sea burial. Whether you're an environmentalist or a sea lover, sea burial can provide you with a natural alternative to cremation or embalming. To learn more, contact a funeral home like Clark Funeral Home Inc.