Selecting A Headstone To Honor The Deceased

Whether you've had someone in your life recently pass away or you'd like to plan your grave for the future, a headstone is a way to honor those who have died. Headstones come in a wide assortment of shapes, sizes, and materials. Here are some facts about headstones and what you need to know so that you can make an informed decision when you go to purchase one.

Material Selection

Most headstones are comprised of granite, marble, limestone, slate, bronze, or sandstone. Bronze and granite are the most durable materials to choose since they hold up well in adverse weather conditions and will maintain a pleasant look throughout the years. While these materials may be more costly, it's worth it if you want something that can stand the test of time. Check with the cemetery where you plan to place the headstone, since some have certain requirements for the materials used. All of these materials come in a variety of colors ranging from brown and black to white and tan. 

Choosing A Design

Most modern headstone providers allow people to customize the look of the headstone. This can include anything from a favorite quote to a Bible verse, depending on your personal preference. There are also options available to have a photo etched onto the headstone. Other design options include plaques, small statues, and designs carved directly into the stone. Just make sure that whatever you choose will be a fitting way to honor the deceased and preserve their memory with dignity. If you're purchasing a headstone for yourself and a spouse, it will need to bear the names, birth dates, and date of death for each of you side by side. 

Other Unique Options

If you would like to purchase a headstone that is a bit more unique than the standard choice, find out from the cemetery what their restrictions are on height, design, and width. Some cemeteries require that all headstones are within a certain range in order to meet a level of uniformity. If you are able to purchase something taller, you can choose to buy an obelisk style, larger statue, or one in the shape of a cross. You may also elect to have a vase attached to the headstone so visitors can come and put flowers in it. Before you make a final decision on the design, walk through some of your local cemeteries to get an idea of which style you prefer. 

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