Personalized Ideas To Make Your Loved One's Cremation Service Special

While planning a family member's cremation service, utilize the following personalized ideas to make the event special and to provide guests with closure. On the day of the ceremony, everyone who attends will be able to pay their respects while thinking fondly of the person who recently passed away.

Music And Slideshow

Ask people who are planning on attending if they have any photographs of your family member that you can borrow to share with others during the service. Choose some of your own photographs to add to the collection. Bring the pictures to a photographer and have slides made of them. Project the slides onto a wall inside of the establishment where the service is being held. Select music that your loved one enjoyed and play it while the slides are being shown. 

Balloon Ceremony

Purchase some file or note cards and use a hole puncher to create a hole in the top of each one. Gather some pens together so that guests at the cremation ceremony can write a wish or their deepest thoughts on one of the cards. Purchase or rent a helium tank and fill several balloons with it. Once the ceremony is close to being over, instruct everyone to line up and take one of the cards and a writing implement.

After the guests fill out the cards, hand out balloons to them so that each person can attach their thoughts to one of the balloon's strings. Once everyone has their balloon ready, invite everyone to go outside and stand in a circle. Encourage everyone to release the balloons at the same time and watch as the balloons drift up into the sky.

Plaques With Inspirational Quotes

Think of an inspirational quote that describes your family member or that they used to say a lot when they were alive. Use an ink pen or marker to write this saying on pieces of parchment paper or fancy stationary. Purchase some small, wooden boards. Use craft glue to secure one piece of paper to each board. Once the memorial service has ended, hand one of the plaques to each guest. Guests can display the plaques in their homes so that they can remember your family member each day.

If you use all of the ideas during the memorial service, your loved one will receive the respect that they deserve and everyone who attends may think that the ceremony is beautiful and thoughtful. To learn more about cremation services, contact a company like J Allen Hooper Funeral Chapel