Ways To Pay For Funeral Services

Planning for a funeral can be costly, especially if you don't have funds set aside for the expenses yet. But there are a few ways that you can minimize the costs of a funeral service with the help of some outside resources. Here's what to look for when planning a low-cost funeral service. 

Sit Down with the Funeral Director

Before you get started with planning your funeral service, sit down with the funeral director and let them know your situation. There are many things that the funeral home can do to work with you and cut costs. For instance, some funeral homes may let you bring in your own decorations, food, and entertainment. Others will let you bring your own urn or casket, which can save considerable money. 

Your funeral director can also help to point out the most cost-friendly options for burial. Often, cremation is the way to go, since you won't need to buy a casket or pay for embalming. It's still possible to have a cemetery burial without embalming, provided that you hold the ceremony within a few days of the death and you skip the open casket viewing. 

Ask for Assistance

Your state government may be the first resource to turn to in case you still need helping financing the funeral expenses. When you take your funeral plans to a local government office for financing, they will check to make sure the plans are reasonable in cost; you'll certainly need to forego the extras if you need government assistance. 

Finally, if you still need some help in making up the costs of a funeral service, it may be time to look for contributions from friends and family members. There are a few low pressure ways to do this. You may leave a collections box somewhere during the memorial service, with a small note explaining the family's need for help. 

There are also some websites that allow you to set up a memorial page for a deceased loved one, and this could give you an opportunity to collect the funds online and anonymously. If you need to solicit the contributions of friends, be sure to talk with your funeral director to make sure they will be flexible about setting up a payment plan that may extend past the burial date. This is why it's critical to find a funeral service that's dedicated to meeting their clients' needs and helping them through this difficult time.