Three Ways To Maximize Your Crowdfunding Campaign To Pay For Funeral Expenses

The average funeral costs nearly $7,000, which can put a financial strain on your family after a loved one's death. If you're having trouble paying funeral expenses for the proper sendoff for your departed family member, turn to the Internet for help. Crowdfunding has become a popular way for people to raise money from their network of contacts and total strangers alike, and many people use this online fundraising tool to collect money to help pay funeral costs. With so many crowdfunding options available to people, it's important to make your campaign stand out to get results. Here are three ways to kick up your crowdfunding campaign.

Offer Noteworthy Rewards

The best crowdfunding campaigns are those that offer tangible rewards to people who contribute. While it's easy for celebrities to offer signed merchandise or businesses to promise products, it can be more difficult to think of rewards if you're a person trying to raise money to pay for a funeral. At the very least, you should offer simple rewards such as handwritten notes to express your thanks. While this reward might not have a traditional value, it shows prospective donors that you're planning to give them something in return. For higher donations, think of what you have or what you can make to offer as rewards. Whether you're a knitter, woodworker or have a close family member who produces interesting crafts, consider offering these tangible products as rewards.

Share A Video And Make Updates

Even if you're not 100 percent comfortable in front of the camera, a video in which you detail your campaign stands out more than a couple written paragraphs. You don't need to make the video dramatic -- simply explain the nature of your campaign, your expected cost and tell a story or two about the deceased family member's life. Keep the video concise; it shouldn't exceed five minutes in length. People can get turned off by a campaign that has an initial pitch but doesn't provide updates. Aim to provide updates, even in writing, at least once a week to let people know you're continuing to actively seek funds.

Set A Reasonable Financial Target

Although it can be tempting to think of strangers sending you money, now isn't the time to think about how a little extra cash can benefit you. Be reasonable about the financial target you set; if the average funeral costs under $7,000, it will seem fishy for your campaign target to be $10,000. In the name of transparency, consider breaking down the expenses of the funeral and sharing this information on your campaign page to show the public exactly what you need.